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USA Filtration Drinking Water System Kit
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USA Filtration Drinking Water System Kit

Quick Overview:

USA Filtration Systems Drinking Water Filtration system will replace the faucet-mounted water filter, counter-top system as well as the pitcher filtration system.

Get Safe and Great Tasting Drinking Water

Remove Lead, Chlorine, Cyst, and more from your drinking water.

Our system can be installed under the sink to the existing plumbing, or can be hooked up to your refrigerator. All parts are included and the system can be easily installed in about 25 minutes. No need to call the plumber.
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USA Filtration Drinking Water System Kit

USA Filtration Drinking Water System Kit made in the USA and assembled in Michigan includes:

Water filter housing, made in California

Superior water filter cartridge that will remove lead, dirt, rust, chlorine, cysts, cryptosporidium, giardia, and many other contaminants, that is manufactured in Idaho

The unbreakable Superb Wrench that is 50% larger for ease of removing the filter, made in Michigan

Metal mounting bracket, made in Michigan

Tubing, made in Michigan

Compression fittings, made in New York


Uses Replacement Filter OMB478

Flow Rate: 2 gpm

Micron Rating: 0.5 Micron

Filter Dimentions: 2.5″ x 4.75″

Chlorine Reduction: > 95% for 5000 Gallons

Lead Removal: > 99.3%

Cyst, Cryptosporidium, Giardia Reduction: > 99.99%

Carbon Type: Carbon Block Coconut Shell

Note: We have replaced the clear housing with the opaque blue model due to the growth of algae that often occurs when the clear model is installed outdoors, in the sun, or in direct artificial light.

 Comparison Table between USA Filtration Systems vs. big box retailers and hardware stores




Customer Reviews

Review by Iser
With a lead count of 479 ppb we where in bad shape. The city told me the filters they are handing out ( bria or pure) wouldn't work. Luckily for my family a couple in Texas felt the need to help flints crisis. They contacted usa filtration and donated a system to a flint resident, and we where the lucky recipients.
The system went in in one day! We got a whole house system on the water main and a under the sink unit as well.
My house is vary old so nothing was standard but they ran to the store to get what they needed and got it right in. It hardly takes u any space and is virtually maintenance free.
I installed the under sink unit while they went to the store. I took me less than a 20 minutes and minimal tools.
I've had to test from the DEQ since I had this done, happy to say all clear. Thank you very much to the couple in Texas that donated and thanks 2 USA filtration systems!
(Posted on 5/1/2016)
Review by Marti
This Amazing Company in Michigan makes this American Made product, which is close to my home!
I experiece severe reactions to 'Dirty' and 'Unhealthy' Water. I have to buy bottled water 100% of the time because I have a severly compromised Immune System and have to take 'Clean' water every where I go. I also carry two EpiPens and Benadryl for
Anaphylaxis Anaphylactic Shock reactions. After being gifted this Amazing Water Filtration System, I no longer 'Fear' reactions or sickness involved in/with drinking, cooking or doing my dishes!
Thank You so very much President John McNulty, you have made my life much more manageable!!!
(Posted on 4/27/2016)
Review by Old Man
I live 10 miles from Flint, Mi. and water quality is the top topic right now. I wanted a system that could provide me not only drinking water but water that was safe to cook with. I found this company and found out they were also in Michigan and made a system that was 100% made in the USA. I am 58 years old but still quite handy so I tried the install myself. Now it did take me longer then 15 minutes but I was done in a half hour and we are really happy with the water quality. I am glad we just use the faucet my wife picked out years ago and did not have to buy a new faucet. Great job (Posted on 4/26/2016)
Review by Jeff
A great product (Posted on 4/19/2016)
Review by RVH
: I just wanted to say thank you for making a great American made product. I purchased the whole house system from menards. Easy install and great product. I try on every product I buy to get one made in the USA. I am glad to see there is a company still willing to produce their product here. I will be a customer for life as long as it's made here. Once again thank you and god bless you. Rich Von Rhein (Posted on 12/10/2014)
Review by Paula
Great water filter system, so easy to install .I no longer have to buy water bottles at the store every week I save money and time. Best of all I can get a fresh tasting and fresh smelling glass of water anytime I want.Telling all my family and friends. (Posted on 12/4/2014)
Review by Stella
It was so easy to install and it works! There is no more chemical taste and no smell. It was made here in the U.S.A. (Posted on 11/14/2014)
Review by Nutty
We bought this system because we did not like the faucett mount system. Its very neat and I installed in in 20 minutes. The water taste better then what we used before (Posted on 11/14/2014)
Review by DBinBoston
I definitely recommend this product. It's made in the USA too! (Posted on 11/14/2014)
Review by LittleItaly
We bought this product because our water tasted horrible! It was very easy to install and took only about ten minutes. I was amazed at the immediate difference and how great the water tasted. No more wasting money on bottled water and Brita filters! I can finally use the water from tap. I will definitely be recommending this product to friends and family. (Posted on 11/14/2014)
Review by EVH5150
Easy to install, provides great taste, I would definately buy again! Made in America as well!!! (Posted on 11/14/2014)
Review by Paula
Great water filter system, so easy to install .I no longer have to buy water bottles at the store every week I save money and time. Best of all I can get a fresh tasting and fresh smelling glass of water anytime I want.Telling all my family and friends. (Posted on 11/14/2014)
Review by BrightonServices
This is a really nice system. Really easy install. Everything is included and it is all made in the USA. The included metal Superb Wrench is a very nice tool. The filter media is very dense and high quality. Everything in this kit is 1st class. (Posted on 11/14/2014)
Review by BladeKA
Great product, super easy installation.
My only complaint would be the misleading info of '30 minute installation'....I did it in 20 minutes. What was I supposed to do with the extra time I set aside? (Posted on 11/14/2014)
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Additional Information

Made in USA Yes
Microns 0.5 micron
Gallons Per Minute 2 gpm
Carbon Cartridge Filters block
Used To Treat Chlorine Removal, Cyst Removal, Dirt Filtration, Improves Taste, Lead Removal, Odor Removal, Rust Filtration
Cartridge Filter Length 10 inch
Housing Style Standard
Housing Color Blue
UPC 850841005289